As alwasy, the friars are far superior at theology. this is just an introduction to help with undersanding. Exegesis 101.

Jesus is a light of the world and his mother was stuck with a lance or sword or some sort of long metal weapon, not in truth but through empathy, when His body was pierced with the Lance of Longinus.
read into it whatever your own mind sees.
Anyway today st Blaise bishop and martyr and also st ansgar.
David bequeathed the kingdom to his son Solomon who eventaully beame so rich that which country was interested in him?
A Egypt. B. El Salvador. C. Kazakastan.
Cleopatra the queen of the Nile came to see exatly how much of a threat he might pose to A. her empire. B. Her gucci handbag stash. C. Did they even have Gucci then?
Cleopatra also had an affair with which roman dignitary? And what were the instruction of Jesus . preach repentance. B. preach prosperity. C. preach public protests.
He also said "wear shoes" B. wear sandals" c. just go barefoot, its' cheaper.Neocities.

St john of leonessa, an obscure saint.
John the Baptist said to Herod "why in the name of all the babkas in Jerusalem must you sleep with your A. parakeet. B. brother C. brother's wife.

Herod's girlfriend most likely hoped to bribe herod into giving her A. millons. B. billions. C. trillions and thats my last offer.

John was getting in the way and she knew Herod was a sucker for strippers so she managed to get A. johns head on a platter. B. John's sandals in a bag. C. Jon's honey pot on the Iron Chef locusts and honey babka competition.
THe parakeet heard it all and then went and told A the demons in the graveyard . B. the eagles in the eyrie. C. this is apocryphal ,there's no canonical evidence parrots were even there.
Jesus when He heard John had been killed, said "I'd better think about another career since being holy is too dangerous. B. I htink I will go out in the country and go to the fair.
Maybe I can sell this to the new Godfather series.

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